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In these trying times we need to support each other by keeping ourselves safe and sanitized

Work Attendance Check

ZGRAVITY has multiple functions including work attendance check, data upload, which avoids the risk of cross-infection caused by fingerprint punch-in. It also supports visitor register with pre-appointment.


Body Temperature Check

ZGRAVITY uses high precision industrial infrared spectrum sensor to register the body temperature of the individual.

Body Disinfection

360-degree disinfection area will automatically spray and disinfect the entire body including, bag and shoes.

Hand Sanitizer

ZG1 is equipped with a hand sanitizer dispenser before entering the disinfecting spray.

We Must Fight this Together!

Covid19 has changed the way we live, changed the way we communicate and change the way we interact.

Human contact, Human interaction and Human connection can be a starting point. Let’s protect the ones we love by sanitizing and slowing the spread of this pandemic and get schools, businesses and our lives back to some normalcy in this world.

Non Contact
Temperature Check

ZGRAVITY uses high precision industrial infrared spectrum sensor to register the body temperature of the individual. Data can be collected within 50cm while wearing a mask. Whenever abnormality is detected, it will give a voice alert notifying the individual has a fever.

ZGravity Tunnel
ZGravity Tunnel

Body Disinfection

When measuring body temperature in an intelligent detection area, the sterilizer with sensors can disinfect the hands simultaneously. The spray adopts food- grade disinfectant to ensure health and safety. The disinfection area is equipped with an air curtain system, which can effectively prevent the leakage of disinfection spray.

Sanitization System

Ergonomic Design

Our high-tech machine does not require qualified technicians to operate and can be easily adjusted to accommodate toddlers and children.

Custom Antimicrobial Protection

Film composed of transparent cast polymeric PVC of 60 microns, containing antimicrobial agents, coated with a pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive.

Eco-Friendly Solution

The natural solution is created using Water, salt and electricity. This creates HOCI which is nature’s natural disinfectant.

Easy Installation

ZG1 is designed to be mobile and easy to set up. With a standard 110V connection you can set it up for continuous flow or self automated mode.

Customer Support

We are here to assist with any problems you encounter when using the system. You can chat, email or call us, we are here to help.

Nano Sanitizer Disinfectant

Feel safe that an nano sanitizer is helping to keep your hair, body and clothes clean.

Confirmed Cases
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Fighting Together
Against COVID-19

Let’s work on taking care of ourselves so that we can take care of others. These are troubling times and it’s up to the human spirit to protect our ourselves, family and community. Stay safe by keeping clean and Sanitized.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Sanitization liquid last?

1 liter of concentrate to be mixed 10:1 with water. (Will run the machine for approx. 3.5 hours. Sanitize around 800 people).
3 liters every hour continuous.
20 liters of eco friendly solution. (Will run the machine for approx. 7 hours. Sanitize approx. 1600 people )

What happens if we have technical difficulties?

Both the ZG1 Tower and ZG1 Tunnel come with a 2 year warranty. We will provide you with a customer success manager to support you if any issues arrive.

Does the nebulized solution stain or wet your skin,clothing or hair?

No, the molecules are so small that it is more like a fog rather than a spray.

Does the ZG1 system kill the Covid 19 virus?

The disinfectant that we use (HOCI) in our system is measured at 100 PPM and has a 7 PH balance which has been known to kill the COVID 19 virus and other pathogens. HOCI is known as nature’s disinfectant and was discovered well over 100 years ago.

HOCI Certifications